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Entrepreneurial Studies Program

Entrepreneurial Studies Program: An interdisciplinary program that provides opportunities for students interested in starting or running their own business someday. Open to all rising 9th and 10th graders, students will have the opportunity to compete both individually or as teams in competitions designed specifically for students studying entrepreneurship.  In addition, multiple field trips and in-class guest speakers will enhance the curriculum.
During the four-year program, students will explore different aspects of being a business owner.  The first two years focus on the foundations of entrepreneurship from business terminology, concepts, and practices to analytical thinking, decision-making, and public speaking. As students progress into their third and fourth years, students dive into semester courses on business law, business finance, marketing, and web design.
If your student is ready to think outside the box and create their own career, please click HERE for more information and an application for our Entrepreneurial Studies program.

Past Product Presentations

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Demo Day!

As part of the Entrepreneurial Studies program, the students present their businesses to the student body and a panel of guest judges. This year’s judges included Chris Rawlings, founder of Veteran LED; Debbie Floyd, owner of Dances With Wool; and Erin Till, co-founder of SG Woodworks.
Each student presented a 6-minute pitch that included the problem they were solving, how their product worked, the cost of materials and profitability, their marketing strategy, and how they were better than the competition currently on the market. The winner of Demo Day will receive a partial scholarship to attend the University of Delaware’s Entrepreneurship Summit.

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