A Junior-Kindergarten - 12th Grade, college preparatory, co-ed, independent school.

Middle School Program

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  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth grade is a time of change. For the first time, students have separate instructors in every subject area, and of course, lockers! Sixth grade students must learn to manage a varied homework load, navigate from classroom to classroom in a timely fashion, maintain notebooks and portfolios of work over months at a time, and keep pace with increasingly complex projects. Each student takes part in a “Prime Time” class to master time management and organizational skills. Their Prime Time teacher keeps a watch on progress and performance in all classes.
  • Seventh Grade

    Seventh grade is a time for students to engage in increased depth in their school work and classroom experiences. No longer the new students in middle school, they take on extra responsibilities and participate more actively in sports teams, school leadership, and classroom debates. Core values and the Big Ten Code for self-discipline are stressed as students become more responsible for their own choices.
  • Eighth Grade

    As leaders of our middle school, eighth graders are expected to utilize their status and skills to serve as positive role models for their peers. As they take on an increasingly diverse course load, they become prepared for the rigors of Upper School. This is also the time when college prep becomes a strong focus. We encourage students to be future-minded in every aspect of their academic and social lives.