A Junior-Kindergarten - 12th Grade, college preparatory, co-ed, independent school.
Student Life

Arts and Music

The Millwood student body is rich with talent. Our approach to the arts blends practical art and music with history and other core curriculum topics such as social studies, science, and math. Students who participate are strengthened academically and energized by the opportunities to explore their creative talents.

Visual Arts

In visual arts, students create their own artwork on a regular basis. Exploring the various techniques of painting, drawing, printmaking, weaving, mixed media, and three-dimensional work, they are able to discover their true artistic passions. Integrating the techniques of famous artists is part of the art curriculum; this unique approach combines an appreciation for art and history with the basic principles of enjoying art. Our specialist art teachers bring a wealth of talent and experience to our students’ endeavors.

Music Programs

Our music teacher encourages students to develop a love and knowledge of musical theory, musical history, musical performance, and dance. Fifth grade, Middle, and Upper School students have the opportunity to join the school chorus which performs regularly at school functions.

Building Lifelong Skills

While some students will become true performers, it is vital that all students become confident and polished public speakers. Our art and music programs foster these skills. Beginning in kindergarten, all students regularly experience being on stage, or in front of the class, as they present class plays, appear in weekly assemblies, star in special performances, or share their school projects with their class. Students are encouraged and guided as they develop these essential life skills.