A Junior-Kindergarten - 12th Grade, college preparatory, co-ed, independent school.
Preparing students to succeed in their future endeavors is the priority of Millwood School’s athletics program. Through each sport, students develop values and lifelong skills such as accountability, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills, persistence, work ethic, self-discipline, social skills, teamwork, performing under pressure, the ability to take instruction, and striving for excellence. In addition to growth and development of individual students, the program brings together our school and the community, fostering civic pride and generating school spirit to last a lifetime.
The Millwood School athletics department strives to provide a learning environment where students may experience problems and situations similar to those that may be encountered in later life. The environment provides natural opportunities for students to:
  • Develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.
  • Develop such concepts as loyalty, cooperation, fair play, dedication, and self- discipline through team play.
  • Develop special skills appropriate for each sport and the student's physical ability.
  • Develop self-motivation, excellence, responsibility, and academic development.
  • Develop worthy use of leisure time in later life, either as a participant or spectator.
  • Develop wholesome attitudes toward competition and sportsmanship.
  • Develop the ability to make the best choices with their time and energy.