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Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Annette Bansbach Bansbach, Annette Second Grade Faculty
Trish Bowen Bowen, Trish Substitute Faculty
Tyler DelGregg DelGregg, Tyler Middle and Upper School History Faculty
Graciana Dutto Dutto, Graciana Upper School Spanish Faculty
Kelly Elias Elias, Kelly Director of Advancement Staff
Kim Farren Farren, Kim Junior Kindergarten Faculty
Will Fox Fox, Will Middle School Math Faculty
Stacey Funk Funk, Stacey Junior Kindergarten - 12th Gr Art Faculty
Andrea Gladue Gladue, Andrea Middle School Geography Faculty
Aroldo Gomez Gomez, Aroldo Facilities Director Staff
Amy Hardwick-Ivey Hardwick-Ivey, Amy Upper School English Faculty
Susie Hilton Hilton, Susie Fourth Grade Faculty
Nicole Jackson Jackson, Nicole Physical Education Faculty
Janice Jennings Jennings, Janice Director of Admissions Staff
Rachel Legacy Legacy, Rachel Librarian and Media Specialist Faculty
Sharon Lowe Lowe, Sharon Middle and Upper School Math Faculty
Christen Mamenko Mamenko, Christen Head of Middle School, Upper School Staff
Andrea Mills Mills, Andrea School Nurse Faculty
Joy Ann Nowak Nowak, Joy Ann Middle School Science Faculty
Kim Pham Pham, Kim Business Office Manager Staff
Christy Phiri Phiri, Christy Fifth Grade Faculty
Melissa Pinar Pinar, Melissa School Secretary Staff
Tray Poston Poston, Tray Athletic Director Staff
Christine Ryan Ryan, Christine Middle and Upper School French Faculty
Christopher Ryan Ryan, Christopher Head of School Staff
Simon Sjogren Sjogren, Simon Director of Technology Staff
Lauren Spencer Spencer, Lauren Middle and Upper School English Faculty
Annie Spillane Spillane, Annie Third Grade Faculty
Meghan Spoth Spoth, Meghan Junior Kindergarten - 12th Gr Music Faculty
Joe Strolla Strolla, Joe Facilities Staff
Cathy Taillon Taillon, Cathy Kindergarten Faculty
Sara Wertz Wertz, Sara Lower School French Faculty
Robin Woods Woods, Robin Assistant Head of School and Head of Lower School Staff
Betsy Yakim Yakim, Betsy School Counselor Staff
Marci Zehrer Zehrer, Marci First Grade Faculty