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Faculty & Staff Directory

  Name Title Group
Michelle Botteicher Botteicher, Michelle Kindergarten Faculty
Jacqueline Brecht Brecht, Jacqueline Upper School Science Faculty
Emily Butterworth Butterworth, Emily Middle & Upper School English & Drama Faculty
Brad Chamberlain Chamberlain, Brad Assistant Head of School Staff
Tyler DelGregg DelGregg, Tyler Middle & Upper School History Faculty
Taylor Epps Epps, Taylor Junior Kindergarten Faculty
Kim Farren Farren, Kim Junior Kindergarten Faculty
Will Fox Fox, Will Middle School Math Faculty
Stacey Funk Funk, Stacey Lower, Middle, & Upper School Art Faculty
Andrea Gladue Gladue, Andrea Middle & Upper School Principal Staff
Aroldo Gomez Gomez, Aroldo Director of Facilities Staff
Maria Gordon Gordon, Maria Upper School Math Faculty
Jennifer Hampton Hampton, Jennifer Lower School Art Faculty
Amy Hardwick-Ivey Hardwick-Ivey, Amy Middle & Upper School English Faculty
Lindsay Holtz Holtz, Lindsay School Counselor Staff
Kerry Hurst Hurst, Kerry Middle & Upper School Science Faculty
Laura Ipock Ipock, Laura Lower School STEAM Faculty
Nicole Jackson Jackson, Nicole Lower, Middle, & Upper School P.E. Faculty
Janice Jennings Jennings, Janice Director of Admissions Staff
Lynn Johnson Johnson, Lynn Second Grade Faculty
Sara Jordan Jordan, Sara Lower, Middle, & Upper School Spanish Faculty
Donna Kelly Kelly, Donna Instructional Assistant Faculty
Mason Laine Laine, Mason Fifth Grade Faculty
Rachel Legacy Legacy, Rachel Middle & Upper School Technology Faculty
Carolina Matheus Matheus, Carolina Middle & Upper School Social Studies Faculty
Jill Petrilli Petrilli, Jill Instructional Assistant Faculty
Kim Pham Pham, Kim Business Office Manager Staff
Casey Phillips Phillips, Casey Second Grade Faculty
Christy Phiri Phiri, Christy Lower School Principal Staff
Melissa Pinar Pinar, Melissa School Secretary Staff
Tray Poston Poston, Tray Director of Athletics Staff
Brooke Rash Rash, Brooke First Grade Faculty
Kristen Reynolds Reynolds, Kristen Third Grade Faculty
Christine Ryan Ryan, Christine Middle & Upper School French Faculty
Christopher Ryan Ryan, Christopher Head of School Staff
Caitlin Schlitz Schlitz, Caitlin Instructional Assistant Faculty
Radhika Shekharan Shekharan, Radhika Instructional Assistant Faculty
Simon Sjogren Sjogren, Simon Director of Technology Staff
Jacqueline Smith Smith, Jacqueline Upper School Math Faculty
Joshua Stone Stone, Joshua Lower, Middle, & Upper School Music Faculty
Joe Strolla Strolla, Joe Facilities Assistant Staff
Camille Struiksma Struiksma, Camille Fifth Grade Faculty
Lindsey Thompson Thompson, Lindsey Third Grade Faculty
Robert Wall Wall, Robert Facilities Assistant Staff
Erin White White, Erin Kindergarten Faculty
Emily Whitesell Whitesell, Emily Lower & Middle School French Faculty
Susan Wilson Wilson, Susan Fourth Grade Faculty
Robin Woods Woods, Robin Director of Records & Communication Staff
James Wright Wright, James Middle & Upper School STEAM Faculty
Rachael Wynn Wynn, Rachael Fourth Grade Faculty
Marci Zehrer Zehrer, Marci First Grade Faculty