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Lower School Overview

Junior Kindergarten student performing a “Nursery Rhyme” Recital
Welcome to Millwood’s Lower School. We have dedicated faculty members, supportive families and engaged students from junior kindergarten through fifth grade.
Our lower school students, from junior kindergarten to fifth grade, embark upon an educational journey that empowers them to take an active role in their learning. Students are given opportunities to set goals, reflect on their progress, and demonstrate their understanding of concepts; building their confidence as learners and leaders.

Students are provided with recurring exposure to foundational skills each year, allowing them to expand and deepen their knowledge-base. This opportunity develops positive work habits, identifies the potential to expand upon concepts, and applies critical thinking skills. The curriculum is engaging and geared towards meaningful learning and real world application. Our students build a sense of community that is founded on respect, celebration of differences, and compassion.

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Lower School Grade Level Highlights


Millwood’s Junior Kindergarten program allows each student to explore the building blocks of education through hands-on activities and interactive lessons. We emphasize social interaction, creativity, and the development of a positive and strong self-concept. Junior Kindergarten recognizes the unique learning styles of each student and helps provide a smooth and successful entry into Kindergarten.



Kindergarten is a key year of development in a child's life. Millwood's emphasis on small class size plays a vital role, creating an environment that fosters respect for others and a love of learning. Each child is given the opportunity to develop appropriate behaviors, a firm foundation in core subjects, and leadership skills.


Students begin their journey toward becoming more independent and responsible learners. Special projects and activities that enable students to practice critical thinking skills take place on a daily basis across the curriculum. As students learn to become higher level thinkers, the development of leadership and cooperative learning skills instill students with a sense of community within the classroom.


Second grade allows students to explore various topics in small group settings, satisfying their curiosities and expressing their ideas. With assignments that are intellectually challenging and fun, students develop a great deal of knowledge during this critical year. Each day provides new opportunities to grow academically, socially, and physically.


The third grade year is one of transition and growth. Children are guided through instruction and practice to achieve mastery of new organizational skills. These activities help to instill those behaviors that contribute to personal self-confidence and scholastic achievement. The skills learned during this important year serve as an important foundation for academic success.


In fourth grade, students are given many opportunities to work more independently. They are given rich opportunities to read and respond to a variety of literary genres. They systematically study and practice writing for specific purposes. An abundance of group projects develops their ability to work cooperatively, learning how to divide tasks fairly and resolve differences with others. They master organizational and study skills that will carry them toward middle school with confidence and effectiveness.


Fifth graders work toward mastery of organizational skills, time management skills, and study skills that help ensure success in middle school. Students are able to express themselves and demonstrate mastery of the material through writing, projects, and group activities. The effectiveness of public speaking is evident at this level and students are given ample opportunities to present. As in lower grades, individuality, learning styles, and unique abilities are considered in planning activities.

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