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School Traditions


The entire school gathers together for this weekly tradition that also welcomes the attendance of parents, grandparents, and friends. Classes present skits and songs, achievements are celebrated, sports teams results are announced, and the students present messages about the school’s Big Ten Code for Self-Discipline.


New Kindergarten students are led to their first Monday Morning Meeting by their own special ninth grade buddy.


To culminate their month-long study of bears, the kindergartners sing and lead a parade at Monday Morning Meeting.


Student Council organizes a carnival for the Lower School to welcome warmer weather.


A ceremony at Monday Morning Meeting where eleventh graders receive their class rings and speak about their composition, design, and symbolism.


Throughout the year, the Student Council Association provides our middle and upper school students with an opportunity to dance the night away in a relaxed setting.  Each social has a theme and prizes to match!


Every fall, Millwood School hosts a day full of fun and activities which include bounce houses, face painting, and a hay ride around campus!

Grandparents' Day & Coffee

We welcome our grandparents on to our campus to share a variety of topics that have cultural and social impacts on our students. This is a time for families to get to know one another from all generations.


On the final day of school, Millwood's traditional Blue and Gold Teams compete in athletic feats to determine the victor. 



Several countries are studied and explored to improve students' cultural awareness, respect for different languages, traditions, and cultures. Parents, who are either native to these countries or have lived there for extended periods are invited to share their experiences with the students, and provide memorable lessons complete with authentic costumes, food, and artifacts.
Millwood's School Mascot: The Bobcat - showing 
its school pride during a local parade!

Blue & Gold Games '19

There is never a dull moment on "Blue & Gold" day.
Upper School students, often referred to as "buddies" to the Lower School, play alongside during this day of games.
Students from JK through 12th grade participate in this annual tradition.
The annual "Blue & Gold Games" went down to the wire and Team Blue came up with the big victory breaking Gold's winning streak.
Cornerstone Gym offers indoor games.
Students compete in a multitude of events in order to secure the team victory for the respective color!
Lower School students work their way through hula hoops!
There are corn hole games.
Upper School students partake in a game of "Tug of War".
Students exercise their agility by running through and around cones.