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The tuition revenue covers approximately 85% of the operating budget for the school.  Tuition is set at a level to make it more affordable to more parents. The Annual Fund Campaign is a crucial component of bridging that gap.


Each year, the Millwood School community comes together to support our Annual Fund, the single most important way you can support Millwood. It is an exciting time of year, as our entire Millwood family reflects on what makes Millwood special. You can see the tangible results of your gifts by walking the halls of Millwood School. Each dollar we raise covers the remaining operating expenses and extras that go into providing the outstanding education our children are receiving at Millwood School. In a way, every student receives financial support. That’s why schools need annual funds, endowments, tuition aid programs, and capital campaigns.

These initiatives help us:

  • Attract and retain the very best teachers
  • Keep class sizes and student-teacher ratios down
  • Make Millwood School accessible and affordable to qualified students
  • Ensure that our facilities provide exceptional learning environments
  • Offer a broad range of curricular and extracurricular programs
The Annual Fund Campaign is the only campaign dedicated to raising unrestricted gifts for the school. Because these gifts are unrestricted and because the donor is not “purchasing” anything with the contribution, these gifts are eligible for charitable tax receipts.

Schools with high participation rates in their Annual Fund Campaigns tend to demonstrate success as an institution. Therefore, parent participation percentage figures have become a standard measurement of evaluation and are widely reported to local and national institutions such as the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. The rate is a required entry on virtually all requests for outside financial assistance from corporations, endowments, and foundations. For these reasons, the fact that families participate is more important than the amount donated. The only gift too small is no gift at all.


Ultimately, our message is simple - we can make an impact, but only if we do it together. Your support helps make possible everything we do at Millwood. We are available to speak with you or meet with you to discuss any questions, concerns, or feedback that you have in relation to our Annual Fund.

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