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Middle & Upper School Overview

Students during a Monday Morning Meeting
The Middle School, which consists of grades six, seven, and eight, is marked by milestone years when young people enter their adolescence, assume more responsibility, and acquire various skills that will prepare them for high school.  At Millwood School, middle school students are encouraged to grow both academically and socially in a supportive environment.
As the students’ minds and bodies develop, they are challenged intellectually through a well-designed curriculum that reaches out to pupils with various learning styles. Students follow Millwood’s BIG TEN Code of Conduct which fosters good moral values. Visitors walking the halls of the middle school are impressed by the sheer energy, dynamism, and good manners exhibited by the middle schoolers.
The Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, Round Square Ideals, clubs, field trips, and various sports teams further enhance the curriculum. In addition, each student belongs to a Lifetime class which meets to engage in activities designed to develop and enrich the whole individual.  The Lifetime teacher also serves as the student’s advisor throughout the year.  The middle school is truly a community of students, parents, and teachers who are dedicated to the growth of each student.

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Drama students performing on stage
Millwood School offers an unprecedented Upper School experience. Upper School students enjoy a wide variety of opportunities through clubs, service organizations, and academic competitions. Every year is enhanced with traditions considered rites of passage as the students progress, including an overnight trip each year to complement the curriculum.

Our Upper School experience includes small classes with a robust Advisory Program; a safe, peaceful 79-acre campus; a friendly, inclusive, and diverse community with strong parent and grandparent involvement, an environment of respect, self-discipline, good conduct, and responsible work ethic; and academic courses which meet students where they are and take them as far as they can go.  Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) Courses are offered to students prepared for academic rigor.


Middle & Upper School Grade Level Highlights


Sixth grade is a time of change. For the first time, students have separate instructors in every subject area, and of course, lockers! Sixth grade students must learn to manage a varied homework load, navigate from classroom to classroom in a timely fashion, maintain notebooks and portfolios of work over months at a time, and keep pace with increasingly complex projects. Each student takes part in a “Life Time” class to master time management and organizational skills. Their Life Time teacher keeps a watch on progress and performance in all classes.


Seventh grade is a time for students to engage in increased depth in their school work and classroom experiences. No longer the new students in middle school, they take on extra responsibilities and participate more actively in sports teams, school leadership, and classroom debates. Core values and the Big Ten Code for self-discipline are stressed as students become more responsible for their own choices.
Our 8th grades students are able to venture out and learn about Model and Simulation Engineering at Old Dominion University's VA Modeling & Simulation Center. Students experience how the tools they have learned about in their design classes are used by engineers and researchers to solve real world problems.



As leaders of our middle school, eighth graders are expected to utilize their status and skills to serve as positive role models for their peers. As they take on an increasingly diverse course load, they become prepared for the rigors of Upper School. This is also the time when college prep becomes a strong focus. We encourage students to be future-minded in every aspect of their academic and social lives.
Middle & Upper School students visit Shalom Farms.
Our students strive for academic excellence!


Upper School students enjoy individualized instruction and a richly textured, “no-ceiling” curriculum. This means there are no limits to the academics, clubs, and leadership opportunities available. We are capable of creating tailor-made offerings to help our students achieve their unique goals. From challenging AP courses to unique clubs, every element of our upper school program prepares students for college and beyond.
Upper School students are able to experience opportunities beyond the classroom with our partnership within the Round Square network.

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