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Experience what Millwood has to offer

A visit from NBC 12's Megan Wise.


Outside the academic schedule, Millwood School offers numerous opportunities for students to utilize their talents and discover new passions. These activities are designed to build character, unity, and enthusiasm within our school.
In addition to our music programs, arts, athletics, and clubs, Millwood is home to an array of exciting traditions — annual events that enrich the experience and bring our student body together.


Studies indicate that students who participate in extracurricular activities alongside academics are more likely to excel in both. Of course, to ensure this success, a school must help students maintain a healthy balance and strong focus on their studies.
       Upper School students on their Florida Trip.
At Millwood, we understand the mental and physical energy that some sports and activities require. The last thing we want to see is compromised performance in the classroom or stress related to an extracurricular. Millwood’s teachers and coaches provide individual attention to each student, mentoring them as they pursue excellence in every endeavor. Finding and maintaining this balance is important as students prepare for college, work, and life.


Focusing on the real-world skills that extracurricular programs can provide, Millwood School uses every activity to develop students in a positive way. As they discover the importance of teamwork, time management, and personal responsibility, they become proactive learners and leaders — whether that is in the classroom, at the gym, or on stage. Would you like to learn more about the exciting student life at Millwood? We would love to share more about how our academic program and other activities work together for each child’s benefit. Schedule a visit now.

Students from Upper School visited Florida and the many sites and sounds the state had to offer. This is one of many experiences Millwood School students embark on throughout the school year.

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